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Chip 09-16-2002 05:50 AM

Reducing unnecessary chatter... staying on topic

In the past couple of months, we've started to see a pretty significant increase in traffic to the site (no doubt due to the publicity surrounding the new album and tour and such).

As such, the number of posts are increasing (which is fine), but the quality and *content* of the posts is generally decreasing (which is not OK). The occasional joke or off-topic rambling is fine -- but that is what the "OFF TOPIC" section is for. There are currently several threads that, from the thread title, look interesting... but when you read the posts, it's random banter, sometimes just a word or two, and having nothing to do with the stated topic.

Matt and I have generally taken a very laid-back approach to moderating. Up until now, people have generally been pretty thoughtful about keeping up the quality of the discussions here. But it's looking like we may need to step in and moderate more heavily if people can't moderate themselves.

The kind of thing we're noticing is the posting of material that has *nothing* to do with Nickel Creek in the general discussion section, posting content that is completely off-topic to a given thread within that thread, or starting threads that are completely pointless and (judging from the emails we get) considered by many to be pretty silly. If you *must* post this stuff, please do so in the "off topic" section... but keep in mind that even that was originally intended for intelligent discussion rather than long discussion of completely inane topics.

So... what I'm trying to say is, let's keep in mind why we all originally came here, which is to talk about the incredible music made by Nickel Creek, and the artists who make that music. If we can focus a little more on sensible discussion, it should encourage more people to stick around, join in, and enrich the quality of the community.

As always, comments and thoughts appreciated. Feel free to email either of us at any time (matt at nickelcreek dot info or chip at nickelcreek dot info)

sarah 09-16-2002 06:04 PM


mandofocus 09-16-2002 08:45 PM

I have been waiting for someone to say it. I would have but felt that it:
A. wouldn't have been my place.
and B. Would have caused chaos

-PJ- :cool:

kokomo88 09-16-2002 08:46 PM

I somehow feel out of place......

Goose_17 09-16-2002 09:00 PM

we could have just mentioned joce's name and mine.....and got straight to the point...but hehe..whatever..
sorry for the inconvinces we have caused....i'm been trying to post (if at all) in the random section for the sake of quality content..sorry to mislead w/the titles that had nothing to do w/the post..and for the post that really had nothing to do w/ get the our fault..and trying to do we skimper away like scolded children seeing the belt being brandished by the authority...thx for doing your job chip...the board is better for it.. (that is meant seriously..not sarcasticly..well the part about skimpering away like scolded children is..but the thx is serious)

chris <><

kokomo88 09-16-2002 09:25 PM

ok, I understand where your coming from about our randomness, but I'm not apologizing for trying to make the board less dull....and chances are half of these newcomers will join and lose interest in the board or just not post at offense or anything, but I just wanted it to be a little cheerier...I'm not trying to start anything, and I completely understand that you need to do your job Chip...but I was just trying to make it funner and stuff, give someone something to laugh about...but um, I'll try to calm down the randomness, and guys...

I'm yellow, pink, and light blue plaid on a midnite blue background.

mandofocus 09-16-2002 09:39 PM

It isn't just you and Joce that are the one's that hav wandered off into the bizzarr(?). There are tons of people that have posted stuff that is sceewed(?), off-topic, or just plain non-sensical. I'm not saying that you and Joce have not made sense in YOURS (Joce has a couple times not made sense). I'm just saying that some stuff has just made people just plain go "Huh?"

-PJ- :cool:

Goose_17 09-16-2002 09:56 PM

and as we see that this general discussion area isn't for that...many times..the purpose was to make ppl go.."huh?". it is just some dry, random humor. like the thing w/the 17 clams. it means is just some stupid saying someone said for no purpose..and that is why for some it is funny...for others...they could care less. part of it is to make ppl laugh..and to not take ourselves SO serious...but there is a time and place for all of that and we overstepped it so..its cool..entendemos..(we understand).

w/much glee,
chris <><

*smiles the chris thile (theee...lee) smile on inside picture of debut album...ya know the one where it looks like sara really doesn't want to do it....hehe*

mandofocus 09-16-2002 10:27 PM

I don't mind humor at all. in fact I encourage it. except when that's all that is being said are "funny" and "stupid" stuff. I use those terms looser than a frat boy at a saturday night party at University of Oregon. [party] :D
Hey Chris I really like how cool you've been about this. Truely mature. Awsome man.

-PJ- :cool:

matt the fiddler 09-17-2002 10:20 AM

going back to what chip said- i know of several people and some friends on the board have said this number is much higher than i thought- of people who don't stop by here much anymore/ have left the board just because they got fed up with all the random chatter, and they couldn't find enough discussions about why they came here to make it worth staying- [some people like to exist as a community here- fully participating in every thing- others just want specific topics- and want to know stuff with out spending a lot of time here]

so just realize, the more noise [stuff chip described] talked about- the higher the number will be of people driven away-

sarah 09-17-2002 10:26 AM

EXACTLY MATT! YOU ROCK ! I think some people just post here for attention or to see who can get the most posts... it's annoying.

Goose_17 09-17-2002 10:44 AM

wanna name names or going anonomous (i mispelled it again..) and you might wanna pm reply this one just in case...

not to be rude but if something/someone is annoying you ..say a constructive way and prob not like on the main as to avoid a war...

sarah 09-17-2002 11:24 AM

Nah it's ok. I'm actually no longer on the boards other than this. I only read this thread cause a friend of mine told me to.

Bluespaz 09-23-2002 02:22 PM


just a lil spaz attack now and then aint bad tho, right?! [bang] [sob]

kokomo88 09-23-2002 03:00 PM

actually, now that I read my I sounded kind of mean, I was just aggravated...but I totally understand the whole random thingy...I reread the agreement thingy...I'll calm down, I swear, and my apologies for sounding like such a wench in my post!:)

bekka 09-27-2002 01:02 PM

i appreciate your need to keep things professional on the board and all, but if theres so many of us, should fingers be pointed at those who are just trying to get to know some of the other people on the board? maybe the announcement about the randomness thing should have come sooner and maybe done in a nicer way, but naming names isnt professional either- and the finger pointers know who they are! thats just cruel. maybe its because of all the young kids on the board.. humor is a good thing and it does indeed have its place here to all those who felt alienated by this thread, fear not, go to randomness and let the stuffed shirts debate the same topic over and over and over again!

honestly, i say keep this section for nickel creek only stuff, but as much as everyone would want it to be the only thing discussed here, i can guarantee you will run out of things to say about them if you do not let people discuss anything but the records or the professional side of the band. i have never seen a bulletin board quite like this one and there are a LOT of people worth talking to, dont scare them off!! ;)

so for the sake of those NICER folks on the board, keep the random thread going, please do and lets all hope no one elses feelings get hurt simply because they try to commune with other nc fans. (i know there has to be a person or two here that took marketing and promotions classes in school, schmoozing is part of the game, is it not?!)

much love and not a drop of hostility, just didnt want so many of the chatty folks to feel bad for opening their mouths! i hate to see peoples feelings get hurt like that!!!


sarah 09-27-2002 01:51 PM

It's actually calmed down more. Thanks to Matt and CHip!!! For a while there though when I came to the boards it was just the same 4 or 5 people posting. But now more people are joining! YAY! [party]

matt the fiddler 09-27-2002 02:48 PM

"but naming names isnt professional either"
ummm.... neither chip nor i mentioned names.... [if you reread some people said that they fit the mold that we described] and it isn't and wasn't jsut one or 2 people... it was a general tendancy in the board if it was one or 2 people we would have emailed them privatly....

and we are not trying to stop people from getting to know each other at all...
remember we have it so......
-you can put in your aim s/n into your profile- also there was a aol screen name thread ..
-you can private message people using the pm feature- ramble all you want there....
-you can even get your emails from each other or email users if they have that option checked....


Goose_17 09-27-2002 09:38 PM

sorry if i caused confusion. i meant...if i was the one screwing up..just let me know is what i meant by naming mean..being ambigous can leave the door open for a lot of stuff my case..i thought (and somewhat ) still think of myself as posting random things i saw it was them talking to me w/o addressing me..but obviously as matt just stated..they would have emailed them...i think the problems were clearing up though...atleast from what i have noticed the past couple times i have been that this horse (and subject) are dead....lets move on to stuff w/the band...tour cds (yeah i wish) ....and what the heck they are whispering in a certain song....etc. much love to everyone...especially Matt and Chip and anyone who also runs this place I have forgotten.

Chris <><

Bluespaz 09-30-2002 04:10 PM

yes me too i'm really sorry
i will try to calm down, and stay ON topic, rather than ramble on about off topic subjects.
i know, i'm really goofy, so i'll try my best to stop
sorry, and kudos to chip and matt (thanks for the idea, chris) for keeping us all under control [guilty]

MaryCaitlin1 10-06-2002 06:27 PM

I mean no disrespect out of what i am about to say because this is the first time I have ever posted anything on here, but why are people so uptight about what you say on this message board? I understand that you want to respect Nickel Creek (who i think are soooo awesome by the way) but i just wanted to to find people to talk to that had the same interests as i do such as Nickle Creek. Sorry if i offended anyone by this post because i didn't intend to. Just curious. [think]

Chip 10-07-2002 12:05 PM

Here's the best way I can describe it:

The discussion boards are for talk about Nickel Creek and off-topic things that are loosely related to Nickel Creek. They're not for socializing and communication between individuals... that can be done using AIM, the board's private messaging, that sort of thing.

Keep in mind that there are about 8-10 times the number of people who *read* the board but never post... and these people aren't interested in seeing three-word posts, discussions between individuals that have nothing to do with NC, and that sort of thing. So posts to the boards should be of general interest to everyone in the community, and should be substantive.

You may not totally agree with that position, but it is a private forum with rules you agreed to when you signed up to post, so you do need to honor those rules.

Hope that helps to clarify.

MaryCaitlin1 10-07-2002 03:13 PM

I understand where you are coming from now and I thank you for the time you spent to reply to me. I also don't disagree with what you are saying at all. I was just asking where it was coming from, and I totally understand now. And I seriously meant no disrespect by the thread whatsoever. Thanks again.

matt the fiddler 12-08-2002 09:09 PM

this would probably be a good time to say [not to point any specific people out, as it is a board wide thing] , that the nosie is starting to get a little on the high side than prefered. [read this thread if there is a question of what i am talking about]

remember there is a new chat room/ private messaging/ aol names, etc up for socializing and far random disscussions...

so, try to keep posts focused, and if you want to get to knwo other members by jsut chatting- set up some times you will be there in the chat room!!!!

any questions email me, or chip---- matt or chip @ nickelcreek dot info

does this make sense?
matt is the url for the chat room

matt the fiddler 02-19-2003 04:50 PM

ok- we are gogin to be working on getting noise under control here for the next couple of days/ weeks-. [as was done 5 months ago or so....]

just a quick reminder.. [and even i am to fault for this sometimes] random chatter [especailly non nc- related] shoudl be kept to the off topic forum- or the chat room.. [schedule a time you want people to chat]

so please, stay on topic.. please keep chat nc- related as much as possible [comunity is important, but we are straying very far away form the original intent of these boards] .. use aol, the chat room, a little bit the off topic boards... for getting to know people...

if chip or i give you a friendly reminder about keeping on topic, don't get offended~


matt the fiddler 07-31-2003 11:53 AM

guys, i have had to do a whole lot more moving posts around the last week than i should. please stay on topic.. [i can't tell you the number of completly random posts that exist.. the only place right now for real random is the banter thread

also please keep things respectful and clean..

also, refer to what chip said 5 posts up....

OkieLovinNC 07-31-2003 05:03 PM


Originally posted by matt the fiddler
also, refer to what chip said 5 posts up....
Does the fifth post up mean we can't have a "Roll Call"?

matt the fiddler 07-31-2003 05:21 PM

that is fine.. just keep the banter in places it should be.. the stuff i have had to deal with is a lot of complete randomness on serious threads..

just remember compared to the number of posts and unique views a day we get.. we figure there is about 8-10 times the number of people that only read than the number of people that ever post....

Tinuviel Girl 06-13-2004 03:40 PM


matt the fiddler 11-13-2005 08:18 PM

Guys, I am respectfully giving this thread a bump due to some recent board trends...... It seems this comes up every year or so, when we get a large new group of people joining the boards...


If you haven't given it a read, do.

If you have forgotten, please remind yourself.


Matt and the team

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