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Re: SHN Question

Originally posted by NCLuver333
I just downloaded one of Glen Phillip's shows in SHN and I'm trying to figure out how to burn the show. I downloaded WinAmp and the SHN plug-in. I can listen to the show, but when I try to burn it, it only completes it halfway when it says that it's done. I can put the CD in the CD drive, but the computer doesn't read it. I also tried to burn it with Roxio Creator as a data disc, and it reads and recognizes it, but neither Roxio or WinAmp can open it. When I Explore, the folder locks up when I try to open the files.
How can I burn the files correctly?
You need to convert to WAV before you burn. Download mkwACT from the reference above, drag the SHN files into and it will convert them to WAV in the same directory unless you tell it otherwise under options. Then burn the WAV files as an audio disc with Roxio.
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