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RAMPANT trading policy violations!


Matt and I REALLY don't want to be the "trading police"... but there are, at this moment, at least a handful of bulk (i.e., more than one or two) B&Ps.

It seems obvious that people are NOT reading Nickel Creek's trading policy, which states, plain as day, '

"Please, no bulk B&P"

The intent of NC's trading policy, which may be a little different from other trading policies, is to support trading between individual fans, preferably face-to-face, NOT to disseminate large quantities of their recordings all over.

So.... since Nickel Creek's management is kind enough to help support this site by paying some of the cost of maintaining it, maybe people could be so kind as to FOLLOW THE TAPING POLICY so that we don't lose the ability to share shows?

Get it?


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