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ok- we are gogin to be working on getting noise under control here for the next couple of days/ weeks-. [as was done 5 months ago or so....]

just a quick reminder.. [and even i am to fault for this sometimes] random chatter [especailly non nc- related] shoudl be kept to the off topic forum- or the chat room.. [schedule a time you want people to chat]

so please, stay on topic.. please keep chat nc- related as much as possible [comunity is important, but we are straying very far away form the original intent of these boards] .. use aol, the chat room, a little bit the off topic boards... for getting to know people...

if chip or i give you a friendly reminder about keeping on topic, don't get offended~

There are 10 kinds of people in this world, those that get binary and those that dont.
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