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i appreciate your need to keep things professional on the board and all, but if theres so many of us, should fingers be pointed at those who are just trying to get to know some of the other people on the board? maybe the announcement about the randomness thing should have come sooner and maybe done in a nicer way, but naming names isnt professional either- and the finger pointers know who they are! thats just cruel. maybe its because of all the young kids on the board.. humor is a good thing and it does indeed have its place here to all those who felt alienated by this thread, fear not, go to randomness and let the stuffed shirts debate the same topic over and over and over again!

honestly, i say keep this section for nickel creek only stuff, but as much as everyone would want it to be the only thing discussed here, i can guarantee you will run out of things to say about them if you do not let people discuss anything but the records or the professional side of the band. i have never seen a bulletin board quite like this one and there are a LOT of people worth talking to, dont scare them off!! title=Wink

so for the sake of those NICER folks on the board, keep the random thread going, please do and lets all hope no one elses feelings get hurt simply because they try to commune with other nc fans. (i know there has to be a person or two here that took marketing and promotions classes in school, schmoozing is part of the game, is it not?!)

much love and not a drop of hostility, just didnt want so many of the chatty folks to feel bad for opening their mouths! i hate to see peoples feelings get hurt like that!!!

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