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Re: Can't We All Just Enjoy the Creek?

Originally posted by reasonwhy
I felt obligated to post for the public school-ers on the forum.

I was never really a good student; not very driven to excell. I probably could have turned that around with some more one-on-one, but I like where I am, now. I wouldn't be here if I'd taken a different path.

I guess what I'm trying to say is...

Public School, Private School, or Home School. We're all smart enough to enjoy Nickle Creek. My co-workers love them, too --I hook my iPod up to my little speakers and we jam.

Of course, Nickle Creek isn't all I have on my iPod, but I find that more people come over to ask me questions when Nickle Creek is playing.

Coincidence, you say? I think not. I think it's the power of the Creek.

I'm just very upset that I haven't been able to see them live... title=crying ... yet.

As for Sara Watkins, she rocks. She's intelligent, real, and beautiful of spirit. I'd take that over glamorous, skinny and filthy rich any day of the week and twice on Sunday.



I keep lookin' up
awaiting your return
but my greatest fear will be
that you will crash and burn
and I won't feel your fire
he he .. can I say something really mean? Obviously you were not a good student since its spelled *Nickel*.
Sorry. I just had that thought... and I'm trying this new thing called speaking your mind even though I don't even know you. lol..
Don't hate me.title=tomato
I just don't want you to be sorry that you didn't try
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