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Let's Meet Up At Merlefest!!

Hey guys,
I know that some of you are going to Merlefest and I would LOVE to meet ya!I checked out the stage schedules and it looks like on Friday, there is not too much going on around 2 (by not too much I mean there are no big name people preforming at that time). And on Saturday, there's not too much going on around 4. So here is what I was thinking....on both days around those times we could meet up at the train car (do you all know where that is? I picked there because it is pretty central and easy to find.) I would hang out there for a while and see who wanders by...and I'll wear a Nickel Creek shirt so you all can identify me. (also you can see my pic in the "pics of Nc fans" thread.) I just really want to meet you guys and think it would be fun for us all to get together for a little bit!

To sum up:

Friday: 2-3 PM at the train car.
Saturday: 4-5 PM at the train car.

How does this sound to you all?

you know still waters can run shallow too....
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